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KING TUT: Egyptian Pharoh or Doggie Hero?

King Tut

KING TUT:  Egyptian Pharoh or Doggie Hero?
Marilyn Pharo lay near death.  Her blood sugar had plummeted to a mere 20 points, a dangerous level that could allow her to slip into an irreversible coma.  Her sweet, loving Cardigan-Corgi dog by the name of King Tut awakened her, alerting the diabetic that she needed to introduce some sugar into her system before it was too late.  Pharo was able stumble to the kitchen and sip enough juice to bring her blood sugar level back up to within a normal range. 
But it wasn't the first time King Tut had saved Pharo.  "I noticed he was licking my skin and touching my knee with his nose."  The surprised dog owner later learned that when her blood sugar drops to such dangerously low levels, she emits ketones through her skin which smell and taste abnormal to a dog.  Tut knew something was amiss and on more than one occasion he has awakened Pharo in time for her to stop a fatal reaction to hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.  "When Tut awakened me, I nearly went to the ground because I was so hypoglycemic," she said.  Pharo's doctor explained the dog's unusual, anxious reaction to her dangerous blood sugar levels, and King Tut has been hailed as a Doggie Hero.
King Tut was recently put in the canine spotlight when Animal Planet visited his home town to do a segment on Doggie Heroes.  Tut posed for cameras, received admirers from nearby Our Lady Star of the Sea School, and got to ride in a horse drawn carriage, one of his favorite pastimes.  Owner Marilyn Pharo says Tut rarely leaves her side, enjoying notoriety as a certified service dog.  His venues include going to work with her at the Cape May Carriage Company, traveling to Disney World and being welcomed into the finest hotels. 
Pharo's husband observes King Tut lying awake, vigilant and alert, checking Marilyn's skin periodically through the night.  If he can't reach her standing on the ground, he's up on the side of the bed until he can reach and check her.  Marilyn evidently sleeps through his bedside manner, not even aware she has a full time nurse.
Look for King Tut on Animal Planet in a segment of Dogs 101 where he will appear in a program about Cardigan Corgis.  He may be named after an Egyptian Pharoh, but this King Tut is a lifesaving hero. 

Oringinal Story by Jack Fichter

Comments (3):

Zoe wrote: King Tut is a hero, dogs really do have a sixth sense.

Laurie Eno wrote: King Tut, you are as handsome as you are smart. I'd love to feature you on The Daily Corgi sometime! Drop me a line:

Lendal (Len) Clark wrote: King Tut is a true Hero..Here is a treet for the hero!

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